Happy New Year!

It’s time to work off all that good Christmas food!

  • Afternoon curling starts Tuesday, Jan 8 at 1 pm
  • Thursday/Friday League starts Thursday, Jan 3 and the schedule is here.  Normal scoring is in effect.
  • Next equipment order deadline is Friday, January 11 (last one of the season).
  • The 5-rock Free Guard Zone (FGZ) is now in effect, replacing the 4-rock FGZ.  Opponent guards cannot be removed from play until the 6th rock of the end (formerly the 5th rock).
  • The Kaslo Open Bonspiel (Jan 25-27) is FULL and we’re welcoming 9 out of town teams this year.  The entry list is here.  Email kaslocurling@gmail.com if you want to be added to the spares list.
Pennywise celebrates their first point.

Karma, John and Rita celebrate the tie!

And (drum roll) the big news from just before Xmas break:

Congratulations to the Pennywise team for winning their first point!!!! Apparently the secret was to wear party hats. The other team wore kilts, so who knows what actually happened over there.  But it’s great to see their hard work and enthusiasm start to pay off.

Good curling, everyone!


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