Membership: $20 / year (required for all participants)


Drop-In Curling: $7 / game, $70 / 10 pack or $175 / year

League Curling:  $200 / year
League Curling:  $800 / team (any number of players, max $200 per player)

League and Drop-In Curling: $250 / year

League Spare:  $7 / game, $70 / 10 pack

Learn to Curl:  FREE! Membership not required, all equipment provided.

Lockers:  $15

85+ CURL FREE!  There is no charge to curl for members 85 or older.  Also, the membership fee is waived if you turn 85 at any time during that curling season.

Call 250-353-1518 (Al) or email kaslocurling@gmail.com to book an ice time or lounge rental for your group.  Free lessons, just ask!  We also have a kitchen available for your accompanying potluck or catered event.