League play continues as scheduled

A survey of League teams showed that almost everyone would rather play with a mask than not at all, so it’s business as usual for Thursday and Friday night games.

Teams are expected to find spares if they now have a gap on their team. 

We know this is a bit of a scramble so there may be games this week that need to be postponed, but please try to get your game in this week.  Next week is expected to go as scheduled and no games should be postponed, in fairness to those teams that are ready to play.

Ice time will be made available for postponed games, probably either the week of Dec 14 or Dec 21.

Masks required on the ice

Due to the most recent Provincial Health Order (PHO), masks will be required both on the ice and in the lobby effective immediately.  Also, no spectators will be allowed in the lobby.

This is mandated for us by the Curl BC guidelines laid out here:

Our lounge will remain open and, since it is treated like a restaurant or pub, guests belonging to a member’s “core bubble” are still welcome.  However, masks are to be worn in the lounge when not seated at a table and eating or drinking (i.e. going to a table, getting a drink, going to the washroom).

All League games this evening are expected to go ahead as scheduled.

Procession for Ty on Front Street, Tuesday, Oct 20 at 5 pm

One of our members, Ty Gutierrez-Gordon, passed away on October 8.

Ty was a firefighter and first responder who curled with the KVFD team (Team Yee).

There will be a fire department and emergency services procession to remember Ty tomorrow:

Tue, Oct 20 at 5 pm on Front St.

It will start at the S.S. Moyie and proceed west.

Please stay on the sidewalk during the procession, but you are invited to bring a candle and light their way.