Thank you to our sponsors!


The RDCK Recreation Commission and the Village of Kaslo provide significant and ongoing support to our program and facility.

We also thank:
  • Kaslo Mens Night Golf
  • Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort
  • Beach Gables
  • Chez Serge
  • Columbia Basin Trust
  • Eric’s Meat Market
  • Front Street Market
  • Hamill Creek Timber Homes
  • Jones Boys Boats / JB Pub and Restaurant
  • Kaslo Ace Building Supplies
  • Kaslo Mohawk
  • Kaslo Motel
  • Kaslo Pump
  • Kootenay Industrial Supply
  • Kootenay Insurance
  • Main Jet Motorsports
  • Nelson Chrysler
  • Pennywise
  • River City Builders & Millworks
  • Taylor-Wilton Nelson
  • The Treehouse Restaurant
  • True Blue Home Hardware
  • YRB (Kootenay)


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