Bocce Glow in the Dark Funspiel

It’s Bocce Curling time this Friday and Saturday!

A coffee can is the button, also known as the “boccino”. The can starts off every end at the top of the 12′, just outside the rings. It can be moved but, where ever it goes, that’s still the button. If the can touches the sides or goes completely out the back, it’s then placed back in its starting position.

Regular curling rules apply, games are 4 ends, no scores are being kept. Just have fun!

Friday: Lights on

Saturday: Lights OFF for Glow In The Dark curling!

Please be at your first game on Saturday morning 15 minutes early to get all the stuff for the Glow in the Dark. i.e. necklaces, glow sticks on brooms, etc.


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