An 8-ender!

Larissa, Rita, John, and Karma celebrate their 8-ender on Feb 27, 2020

Team Pennywise (Larissa, Rita, John, and Karma) count ’em up!

History was made on Thursday, Feb 27, 2020 when Team Pennywise scored an 8-ender!

Team Pennywise, all only second year curlers, have been well rewarded for their diligent practice, perseverance and enthusiasm.  They’ve been “oh so close” in many games, so this rare accomplishment couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch.  They (ahem, cough, cough) still lost the game, but who cares?!

Is this the only time an 8-ender has ever been scored at the Kaslo Curling Club?  Let us know if you remember another 8-ender.

In other League news, with one game left to play:

  • Team Barclay will be our 2019-2020 season champions
  • Team Whitney will be our 2019-2020 “B” champions
  • Team Neville and Team Barclay play Friday night to decide who will be the “A” champions!

Click here for full League results.


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